Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eat to live or Live to Eat!! Fruit salad with a Mango base.

I had no clue my kids thought so much about my eating craze. Here i was in a " I can't take it anymore " kind of mood the other day. Hubby and kiddos had tried some tricks to cheer me up, but not to much success . So my almost 7 yr old Dev gets busy thinking and writing, giving the impression of someone doing a thesis on the creation of the Universe. Within minutes, he hands a five point plan to his dad on "How to cheer Mamma". Given below is what he had written down:
1. Whenever she wants to eat something, we give it to her.
2. We keep her enganged. ("engaged" in proper English)
3. Make her laugh and laugh.
4. We take her to a Restaurant.
5. Treat her like a Qeen !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( "Queen" in proper English)
Just a peek at the note was enough to cheer me up until i noticed that 2 of those points was about eating. When i questioned him, his earnest reply is "Well ! thats what you do most of the time!" Seeeeee....
Anyways, here is the recipe for another favorite desert of mine . Everyone who has tasted this until now has fallen in love with it. You will too and so does Dev! Its a fruit salad with a Mango base with all the stuff which adds to the yumminess of the taste of Mango!
The picture was sent by my dear friend Pratima who like others loved it.


1.Heavy cream: 1 pint (473ml)carton

2.evaporated milk: one 14oz can

3.condensed milk: one 14oz can

4.Mango pulp : one Tin(30 oz)

5.a whole assortment of fruits: a few bananas chopped, 1 or 2 apples, peeled and chopped, grapes, tangerines , any fruit that you prefer.


Whisk the heavy cream , evaporated milk, mango pulp and condensed milk in a big bowl. Add the fruits and chill in refrigerator. Serve cold.
Be warned: all your guests will beg and plead for more coz you can never have enough of this.
I am sending this as an entry to "Mango Mela" at .