Friday, December 21, 2007

Peas Paratha

After returning home from work , although you are tired , you wouldn't want to compromise on the food you serve to kids. At the same time, no energy to make an elaborate dinner. Parathas were a good choice as they wouldn't take much time and also make the kids eat them without picking the vegetables out. One of my neighbours Neema, a Rajasthani , came to my help and taught me all these wonderfully easy nutritious parathas. Soon i started making Parathas with dal, peas, methi, palak and so on... What made the difference was that these were not stuffed parathas and so all the more easier to make. Kids eat them without a fuss , especially when served with butter or curds. Here's my version of Peas Paratha.


1 cup Peas( frozen or fresh)
3/4 cup Wheat flour
1 tblspn Ghee
1 tspn Cumin(Jeera)
1tspn Red chilli powder( increase or decrease as per taste)
salt to taste
Oil for frying


  1. Boil the peas and mash them.
  2. Take the mashed peas in a bowl, add the jeera, red chilli powder , salt and ghee.
  3. Now add the wheat flour.Mix all the ingredients to make a dough like chapati. The amount specified is an approximate value.You could adjust the flour so as to finally get a dough like chapati. Do not add water at all.
  4. Knead well and keep aside for 15 mins.
  5. Make small balls out of the dough.
  6. Roll out the balls into round flat parathas of medium thickness .
  7. Transfer the parathas onto pre heated Tava. After a 20-30 seconds, flip over and spread little oil all over. Now flip over again and spread oil to the other side.
  8. Cook for a min or so and remove from Tava.
  9. Serve with butter or curds.

Note: Do not roll the parathas very thin. If they are on the thicker side, they tend to be very soft.


Sagari said...

lovely paratha thanu looks delecious

Meera said...

Really, looks delicious!

ashima said...

Thanu, paranthas are the best!
Bet everyone in your household loves when you make them!

ashima said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and are looking forward to the new year! :o)

I absolutely love the way you take your photos that are on your blog and very much look forward to your posts as well!

Best wishes and happy posting!

Meera said...

Happy New Year, Thanu

Anonymous said...

My husband and kids are very picky eaters when it comes to vegetables. These stuffed parathas are a great way to get the kids eat vegetables. Great, easy and a perfect recipe! Delicious!!